Saturday, May 10, 2014

Living Income - Cause there's No such Thing as A Free Market

There are people who would oppose a governmental implementation of a structure that will provide each citizen with a basic living income, which would be funded through for instance the nationalization of specific companies that are deemed the 'property of the public' - being for instance companies that deal with the nations resources and public services.  The argument that they would use is that government regulation and intervention in business and companies is impeding on the freedom of individuals in society to develop, expand and explore their abilities to become wealthy and pursue and achieve their personal happiness.

And, at first glance, this argument might seem somehow valid, because we have all grown up to value words and concepts like 'freedom' and 'the pursuit of happiness' and 'personal wealth' - so, if we hear someone say that government intervention in the economic landscape is a direct attack on our personal freedom and ability to design our own happiness, we will react in fear of losing our so highly valued 'freedom' and 'personal happiness' and agree with this individual without even being aware that we may not fully understand what it is that we are agreeing with. Meaning that we have been taught to value concepts like 'freedom' and 'the pursuit of happiness' but we have not been taught to understand how these concepts actually practically function in this physical reality that is shared by many beings equally as ourselves. So, when someone makes a statement that implies that our 'freedom' and 'happiness' is in danger due to for instance the government trying to impose itself on our economic structures, we will not understand how or why exactly it is that the government is posing a threat to our 'freedom' and 'happiness', because we don't even understand what this apparent 'freedom' really is or what the 'pursuit of happiness' is in real physical practical terms, but we will however react in fear because that is the primary instinctual reaction of a mind that is conditioned to value something and now believes that that something might be taken away, even if that something is in fact only an idea.

Having said this, I want to point out and show how it is that there exist many misconceptions about how our world and reality actually exist because there have been spread many ideas through means of media in the form of propaganda to deliberately have people believe in things that are not actually real. Take the word 'freedom' for instance, and lets place this word in the context of the concept of 'free market', wherein it is believed that our current economic system, which from a global perspective is the neo-liberal capitalistic system, provides the ultimate 'freedom' for the human being to express itself within its 'pursuit of happiness'. The apparent evidence of this 'freedom'  to 'pursue personal happiness' is within how our system expresses itself within and as the phenomenon of 'consumerism'.

If you'd have a look standing on the outside at our society, you would say that it is 'flourishing' because we have so many shops selling so many different things, at a wide variety of prices - with most people being able to at least make it seem as though they are 'well off' because for instance clothes and gadgets have become so cheap. And, because we so easily fall for the picture that we see and tend to never question the actual reality of it, most of us don't see that all this apparent 'freedom' that we have to 'make our own choices' and to 'choose our own way of living' as displayed in and represented by the many products available to us, actually comes at a very high price in terms of the amount of human and natural resources that it requires to produce such high quantities of goods at such low prices. There are many consequences to this image of 'freedom' that we have learned to place value in - and even though it should have been obvious to us, we have to this day never seen or realized that the concept of 'freedom' as we currently understand it is just an image and is causing and creating the downfall and decay of our real physical world.

And It is our collectively accepted gullibility to believe in this illusion of freedom that is justifying the continuation of the harmful consequential reality of our apparent 'free market' economic system. I say 'apparent', because even though many economists would claim that our current market system is 'free', they are actually just doing so because they know that words like 'free' have been given a special place in human being's minds and that we will immediately accept without question things that apparently honour 'freedom'. As specialist in economics Ha-Joon Chang eloquently explains in his book '23 Things they don't tell you about Capitalism', our society would never have evolved past child and slave labor (in theory)if it wasn't for government intervention - because, if our market system was truly 'free', things like human trafficking, child pornography, child labor and slave labor would all be 'legal'.

I suppose at some point we must have seen, realized and understood that the human's desire to 'pursue personal happiness' cannot and must not be allowed to truly be 'free' - and that we need something like 'laws' and 'rules', enforced and enacted by a governmental structure to guide our economic endeavours so that no one gets hurt at the expense of another person's 'freedom of choice'.

This point thus shows and implies that any economic or other person who comes up with the argument that to implement a Living Income Guaranteed for instance and change and reform our economic structures in such a way that ensures that no being has to suffer again due to a lack of money and means to survive, would somehow be an attack  on the 'freedom' that we apparently have in our current system, is either simply uneducated or deliberately playing dumb and in both cases basically just making random statements because they have personal fears that they are trying to protect.

At the Equal Life Foundation, we understand that it is programmed into the human condition to fear change however, and that this will be the primary reason for why most people would initially resist the concept of implementing a Living Income Guaranteed and applying the necessary changes in our economic structure that would enable for such a concept to become reality - even when our reality is showing in every way how this change would be best for each and every being. It is fascinating in a way how we will resist making decisions and choices that are best for all and rather chose ways of existing just because they are 'familiar' to us - because we have learned to trust only that which feels familiar rather than trusting our own ability to stand up for what is best and to create a world and reality that is worth living in for all living things.

Join us at the Equal Life Foundation and stand for a Living Income Guaranteed if you see, realize and understand that just because we fear change, doesn't mean that we should give away our power to it - and that we can still face our fear and stand up for what we see and realize is Best. This is where true Honour and Integrity exist - in standing up for what is Best for All despite of the Fears that may come up in our own Mind.


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